Helmet Hed
What is Helmet Hed

Helmet Hed is a totally new experience in sports gear proudly made in the USA. Helmet Hed was developed in 2011 out of my own personal need and desire to find a better way to keep my own long hair up and out of the way, while allowing heat to escape, during my motorcycle, mountain biking, snowboarding, and hiking adventures. I tried all the traditional warm helmet liners, skull caps, bandanas, do-rags head, hair coverings, braids, pony tails, and just shoving my hair into my helmet. What did I always end up with? You guessed it ... nasty knotted, broken, wild woman helmet hair ... not to mention those typical pressure point headaches from the hair ties.

So out of all of these issues I've developed and patented an amazing and completely simple way to solve ALL my long hair problems and now I want to share that to you.

Helmet Hed is made of Nylon/Lycra wicking and breathable fabric that directs moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling comfortable and dry.  The broad band design allows the nape of your hair to be restrained to avoid those annoying wind snarls, while the open ended net design allows for amazingly convenient application, letting your hair to fall and lay in a very natural position, while allowing any heat to escape from direct contact with your head keeping you cool without that annoying build up of sweat that drips into your eyes or soaks your hair. Helmet Hed's high stretch netting design fits a variety of hair lengths. So don’t be afraid to stretch that netting as high as you can get it, and watch your hair fall into place.

When you’re ready for a break, Helmet Hed can also be used as a headband or hair tie.

It’s tough enough to concentrate on your activity, so why not take control, stay cool, stay comfortable, and hassle free. Helmet Hed is for those who are serious about their activities and are tired of hair that gets in the way.

Helmet Hed is not only for women, so guys and kids you too can have a more comfortable sporting experience.

So what are you waiting for...........

Go above and beyond the traditional warm helmet liners, skull caps, bandanas, and do-rags head and hair coverings.

Experience what Helmet Hed has to offer.
You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

+1 862 266 4566
209 Sun Valley Way, Florham Park, New Jersey, 07932, United States
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