Helmet Hed
Welcome to the second released Helmet Hed Instructional Video. "Helmet Hed", a revolutionary new sports gear for athletes. Helmet Hed is designed to safely and comfortably contain hair during physical exertion, and is proudly made in the USA. Motorcyclists, skiers, snowboarders, bicyclists, hikers and horseback riders...any athletes that wear a helmet while competing know the frustration and discomfort a helmet can cause. Sweat and natural movement can cause flyway hair to escape the helmet, which can result in distraction, discomfort and possibly even visual obstruction. In addition to the safety concerns, hair contained in a helmet is often plagued with tangles and knots. "Helmet Hed" is distinctively designed to give athletes a competitive edge while significantly decreasing the damage hair suffers during exertion. Traditionally, athletes have resorted to inadequate ways to contain hair. Helmet liners, skullcaps, bandanas, do-rags, hair coverings, braids, ponytails, etc., may be temporarily effective at containing hair OR reducing sweat, but none have the ability to do both. Helmet Hed's patented, exclusive design solves all of these problems, while offering multiple uses. The design of Helmet Hed allows the user to convert the product into a hair tie or headband during downtime. The innovative, unique product is comprised of nylon, Lycra, polyester, and spandex, which provides a breathable, moisture wicking fabric. Moisture is directed away from the scalp to prevent tangles, frizz and discomfort. The heat normally generated from the scalp during exertion is naturally allowed to escape, due to the exclusive, patented design. This allows the user to stay cool and comfortable, while preventing knots and tangles that result in broken, frizzy and unhealthy hair. I too have suffered through sweat, tangles, helmet-hair, knots and hours of brushing. I'd finally had enough, so I developed and patented an amazing and simple way to solve ALL those annoying hair problems. I'm thrilled to share this product with my fellow athletes. Helmet Hed is easy to use, compact, versatile, reusable and washable. It is small enough to tuck into a pocket when not in use. Helmet Hed not only provides extreme performance, but also gives the user the choice of fashionable colors and patterns for individual customization. Helmet Hed now comes in 14 headband colors, both patterned and solids, which can be combined with multiple net colors to suit the individual's style preferences. Helmet Hed is available in a universal size, comfortable for anyone with longer hair, regardless of gender. Because of it's unique, patented stretch technology, it can be worn with glasses and earplugs without reduction in sound or visibility. Helmet Hed was developed in 2011 and patented in 2012. Helmet Hed is proudly produced in the USA. Experience a totally new kind of sports gear.

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