Helmet Hed
Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions regarding hair type or length?

Nope no restrictions here...Helmet Hed is ready for any hair type (straight, curly, fine, or thick), but most importantly it’s ready for any length you can throw at it. We just recommend if your hair is longer than your arm length you might want to assist the ends into the cylinder of Helmet Hed and then give a wiggle to ease it down.


Why should I use Helmet Hed instead of competitive products?

Helmet Hed is UNIQUE…there isn’t another product out there that is anything like Helmet Hed’s design. We have patented the product and are ready to show the world how wonderful it is. No more heat retention, no more snarled hair that takes a bottle of conditioner and hours of brushing to get out, no more broken hair, no more pressure points. You’ll wonder how you got along without it.


Is the Helmet Hed only for women and girls?

Not at all....Helmet Hed intended for anyone with longer hair that is tired of it getting in the way during activities….Men, women, and children.


Do I need to wear a helmet to use Helmet-Hed?

No. Helmet Hed is meant for those of you out there with longer hair and are just sick and tired of it getting in the way, getting tangled and nasty when doing anything from bike riding, motorcycle riding, skiing, snow- boarding, hiking, and even riding with the top down on your car. We can’t claim you’ll be super fashionable with it not covered, but it still gets the job done!!!


Will Helmet Hed irritate my skin?

Helmet Hed is made of super soft materials that feel great next to your skin. You won’t even realize it’s there.

Helmet Hed uses combinations of Polyester, Nylon, Lycra and Spandex for their pieces. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of any possible allergic reactions that their individual skin may experience.


Does Helmet Hed make my skin sweat?

NO WAY!!! That’s the best part of Helmet Hed, not only is each Helmet Hed made with moisture wicking materials, but unlike other products Helmet Hed’s design allows your head to breath and get allow built up heat to be released and minimize the nasty sweat that builds up under your hat, helmet or cap.


How do I clean the Helmet Hed?

We recommend Helmet Hed to be washed by hand in cold water and then line dry.


Is Helmet Hed available in different sizes?

Currently Helmet Hed is offered in one universal size. Helmet Hed is designed to be extremely stretchy, so one size currently fits most people. We are working to accommodate alternate sizes soon.


Where can I see the available Helmet Hed collection?

Outside of the official Helmet Hed website, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to contact us directly.


I wear glasses and ear protection - can I still use Helmet Hed?

Sure. Being Helmet Hed is made of stretchy materials, you can fit glasses and earplugs under it without issue.


Do I have to prepare my hair before I can wear a Helmet Hed?

Nope!!!! That’s the beauty behind Helmet Hed’s design. No more hair ties or elastics. All you’re going to need to get a great fit is just your hair and Helmet Hed.


Can I use Helmet Hed in alternate ways?

Once you’re done or ready to taking a break, Helmet Hed can be used as a headband or hair tie.


Is Helmet Hed mainly designed for motorcycle riders?

Not at all….The only limitation is your imagination.


Does Helmet Hed reduce visibility and cause noise reduction?

Not at all….You will still be able to see and hear as if there was nothing there at all.


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